Annual Fund

Improving The Ecological Health of Our Easements

The focus of the 2020 Annual Fund and Giving Tuesday

Our easement landowners have already sacrificed but that’s just the first step in protecting land; they need help making meaningful biological connections to the larger natural environment, and here that means aligning management strategies to those used by the Pennypack Trust.

This year, we are asking you to say thank you to our community of easement owners and improve habitat and water quality for everyone in our watershed. Specifically:

  • Clearing invasives to stabilize terrain like stream banks, wetlands, and steep slopes
  • Planting native trees and shrubs to “recapture” the terrain as habitat for a variety of species
  • Identifying and protecting naturally occurring native trees to minimize unnecessary disturbance and reduce project costs
  • Executing a restoration that is mindful of soil erosion and water quality protection
  • Empowering landowners to care for their young forests sustainably
  • Exemplifying nature-friendly landscaping and stewardship to our neighbors and friends

Our special bond with local landowners is an intrinsic part of what makes this land trust and nature preserve so unique. Easement landowners have already made a tremendous contribution to conservation and the future of the Pennypack watershed. Let’s say thank you and expand quality habitat beyond our boundaries and encourage yet more neighbors to join our community of dedicated conservationists.

Annual Fund Donation