A Rare Opportunity

Save Land, Grow PERT, Help Jefferson Abington Hospital

The Challenge

Under an agreement with Jefferson Abington Hospital, the Trust would acquire the parcels that make up the June Fete Fairgrounds with the stipulation that the June Fete, a hospital fundraising event with a rich history, will continue to operate there annually. The purchase price for the June Fete property is $4.15 million, and the transaction must be completed no later than June 30, 2024.

At One Stroke:

1. precious land would be protected as public open space forever;

2. PERT could make significantly stronger habitat connections between its headquarters and other upland habitats surrounding and including the Lords New Church, and

3. Jefferson Abington Hospital would be able to use the funds for renewal and renovation.

This Potential Agreement Does Far More Than Just Secure Land

As a reputable land trust that is dedicated to the preservation of open space forever, PERT would not only own the land outright, but also protect the land under a conservation easement that will be monitored by our regional ally, Natural Lands. A conservation easement provides legal protections that forbid development that will continue with the land forever, regardless of who owns it.

Every dollar that PERT applies to the land will go to Abington Hospital. They will use the money exclusively at Abington Hospital to make capital improvements.

Buried streams can be revealed. Invasive species will be removed, and fresh, clean water ways can be enhanced and joined more naturally to the Pennypack Creek.

The land that supports the June Fete Fair will be returned to nature and for the general public to use after every fair. Grasses and native flowers will be allowed to flourish. Tree lines will be re-established. PERT will let nature back in.

We Can't Do This Without Your Support

Consider Making Your Gift Today

This is a unique moment in the history of the Pennypack Trust. One that must be seized upon. One that our neighbors must help us win. Please give generously to make the most of this rare opportunity to help our community in so many ways.