Groups & Clubs


We are a privately owned land trust. ALL groups, clubs, and photographers MUST get written permission from Pennypack Trust staff to use the Pennypack Preserve. We often host our own events and must reserve the right to say no to outside groups from using the Preserve. Call 215-657-0830 or email for more information.

We do not allow dogs or bikes on most of the Preserve.

Since February 2014, the Pennypack Trust has hosted a variety of movement classes in the Visitor Center and on the trails through the Pennypack Preserve.

Movement classes began with yoga sessions offered by Pennypack member Lori Voltmer. Lori invites participants to treat their mind, body and spirit to a variety of breathing techniques, moderate postures, meditation and relaxation. The intent of each class is to enhance participants’ flexibility and energy levels. Each series begins gently and progresses to moderate levels over a period of weeks.

Lori Voltmer is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor who taught in New England for three years at a yoga studio and Gold’s Gym. She enjoys Kundalini Yoga because it offers a variety of techniques to suit any mood or focus.

Participants may register for the Wednesday evening and/or Saturday morning series.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi has been called a “granny martial art” because the movement is slow. The crouching stance in Tai Chi strengthens the large muscle groups in the legs and improves bone density. The spiral movements lubricate and maintain spinal suppleness and flexibility. Tai Chi can help to relieve mental and physical stress. A safe exercise alternative, Tai Chi can be done at any level of fitness.

Tai Chi classes are conducted by Richard Hamilton on Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings in the Visitor Center.

Yoga Hikes
Participants stop to perform deep, relaxing yoga poses during two-mile hikes through the rolling hills of Raytharn Farm in the Pennypack Preserve. Each yoga pose is designed to build strength, balance and flexibility while connecting with the natural surroundings.

Yoga hikes are offered by Nourishing Storm Wellness Company.


A meditation group meets at the Pennypack Trust ever Saturday morning.  Participants are all levels of experience in mediation are welcome.  No registration necessary; just show up!  Meet in front of the Visitor Center.  The group meets outdoors whenever possible, but moves indoors in inclement weather.  Cost: no charge (but gifts to a donation box are encouraged).  For more information, call the Trust’s office at 215.657.0830, M-F 9-5.


A loyal and dedicated cadre of local birders leads Saturday morning birdwatching walks twice monthly throughout the year in the Pennypack Preserve. Despite their considerable experience, the birders are patient and more than willing to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with inexperienced and new birders.

Bird walks generally begin at 8:00 a.m. during the colder months and then move to 7:30 A.M. when the weather is warmer. The walks are scheduled for 3 hours, but participants are free to return to the Visitor Center at any time, and the group often adjusts the time it spends in the field depending on the level of avian activity. The birders gather in the parking lot at the Trust’s headquarters on Edge Hill Road.

Pennypack’s birders also participate in two annual bird censuses. During the first bird walk in May, they count the huge variety and number of spring migrants and warblers passing through the Pennypack Preserve on their way north to their summer breeding grounds. Then, on the Saturday before Christmas, the birders participate in Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count, an annual tradition that has taken place every year in the preserve since 1970. Results of Pennypack’s Christmas Bird Count are reported to the National Audubon Society.

Consult the Events calendar to see a list of dates for Saturday morning bird walks.


Southeastern Montgomery County Trout Unlimited Chapter #468
Trout Unlimited Chapter 468 is a grassroots group of dedicated anglers in the Philadelphia region (southeastern Montgomery County, northeastern Philadelphia, and neighboring parts of southern Bucks County) whose goals are:
• To conserve, protect and restore local cold-water streams and fisheries and their watersheds.
• To study, understand and enhance wild trout resources.
• To foster a love and knowledge of the sport for the next generation of anglers.

The group works through person-to-person interaction, group participation at meetings and activities, and partnerships with other local organizations.

Meetings and Activities

TU Chapter #468 meets on the second Tuesday of each month (except July and August) at 7:30 the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust’s Visitor Center. During meetings, members and visitors discuss conservation issues, enjoy guest speakers, and plan stream cleanups, restoration projects and workdays in the Pennypack Creek watershed. Chapter members also organize fundraisers and sponsor programs such as “Fish with a Friend” for members in search of fishing partners. Members also take annual trips to Penns Creek and other renowned trout fisheries throughout Pennsylvania.

Guests and new members are always welcome.

Click here to visit Trout Unlimited website.